"If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well." Chinese Proverb

I have always had the opportunity to travel between two cultures.I am Italian with Chinese origins.I speak fluently Chinese, Italian and English. Languages are a very important part of my life. Communication is vital and it has to be done in the right way. I have a Master degree in Innovation and Internationalization Management. I frequently travel to China, which is the country birth of my parents. I live in Rome I speak Chinese with my family I felt it wasn’t enough and I wanted to deepen my Business Chinese at Fundan University in Shanghai. English is also important and I travelled to Nottingham to have my ILS English School.

At Negulici Translations we have a team of language professionals that work in the language industry with joy and dedication. I work as Business Development Manager. I agree with John Lasseter that quality is the best business plan. Being part of this team I learn a new thing everyday. Changing the working language is a matter of a moment while dealing with everyday situations in the workplace. Within minutes I can easily switch from Chinese to English or Italian considering the interlocutor and the situation.

Translation is an important tool for enlarging the outlets of our customers business. We always take into account the richness of the source language and handle each project with utmost attention to detail.We work hard to give our customers the means to achieve excellent results on international markets.