Customer Representative:
Following my passion for technology I become the IT Specialist software engineer and I joined Negulici Translations as Customer Representative.

The most important aspect of technology is problem solving, computer science never fails to make the world change for better.

Computers are everywhere around us.
I always worked with languages, as informatics is a very special kind of language.
My passion for languages led me to be part of Negulici Translations team and I am glad to work in such an energetic and dynamic environment.

I am Italian mother tongue, proficient in English and Spanish. Nine years ago I’ve also started to study Romanian. I know what means to work with languages.
I am responsible to contact the clients as soon as they send us a request, and ask about additional information if required. Once I know their needs, I decide which Project Manager to dedicate to each client.
We can guarantee you customized service from the start to the final document. We use High technology systems, which allow us to reduce the costs and respect deadlines.

You can rest assured that your translatoin is given maximum attention and will be delivered in time. We work hard to give our customers the means to achieve excellent results on international markets.

As John Ruskin said "Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort." So be sure to have a professional translation otherwise you'll be disadvantaged by poor translations.