I'm fortunate and glad to be part of the Negulici Translation team. I offer my professional translation services into Spanish for and to English and Italian languages as well as Catalan. New technologies make it possible to work anywhere, languages ​​will give you the chance to communicate. Translations will help you find new opportunities for your business.

I’m based in Barcelona and I often come to Rome. Once the distance is over you feel the dedication, love and passion that each of the members of the team dedicate to this small company.I have the honor and privilege of having two mother languages, Spanish and Catalan, as well as an advanced level of English that I have been studying and practicing since I was 6 years old. As a language expert, I’m ready to help you with most accurate translations.

I love traveling and this has put me in touch with so many people. I’ve studied Tourism and I have worked in this sector for 18 years.Personal experience and translation projects have enriched my knowledge on everything that has to do with traveling (touristic guides, restorants menu, travelling routes, Hotels etc)

It will be a pleasure to offer my knowledge in languages to help you with the translations projects you need.