Research from the Chamber of Commerce shows that companies who translate their website documents reach more markets and have better sales. Considering the ecommerce revenues are set to increase faster than domestic sales, why not take advantage of this potential demand?

Important Wish List

  1. Websites Translations
  2. Websites Localizations
  3.  SEO Indexing
  4. Customer Assistance

Language is very important, maybe more important than the price. Localisation also is a very important aspect of how the company is seen abroad.

A first step is to have your website translated and then you'll see that your sales improve consistently. Language can help you explore foreign sees.

At Negulici Translations our team of professional translators is specialized in the translation and localization of websites. We work directly in the source of the HTML format translating all the contents even the graphic files in any format. We also keep an eye on improving texts for Seo Indexing.

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