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Internet has made it very easy to check prices for translation services. It is necessary to understand that a small investment in translation may allow you to largely increase the number of people your information reach. At Negulici Tranlations, we offer a range of option for your translation.

First of all, what kind of translation you need? Is it a regular translation or  a certified translation? There are several reasons you may need a translation to be certified. This is often required when you translate legal documents like birth and marriage certificates, or qualifications and driving licenses or any other type of lagal document.

We are here to help you as our team has the linguistic skills to experience varied number of situations including legal matters, immigration issues and medical appointments.

Translation prices available

Generally we can estimate a rate per word in the source text of a document that has to be translated. The price is set according to language combination, type of the text, number of words and delivery term.

Frequently, your investment for a qualified translation may start with:

  1. Simple translation price - 15 Euros/page
  2. Sworn translation price - 25 Euros/page
  3. Whispered Interpreting - 50 Euros/hour

Depending on the degree of technicality of the text it is agreed with the client the translation price for their documents and delivery time. Price for a rush translation is up to 30%  higher than regular rates.
The translation price of a certified /sworn translation range from 20-25 Euros for page.

Nowadays inter-cultural communication is a must. Working globally is very simple with the help of internet. Companies who translate their documents boost their web exposure to other markets and have better sales. That is why web sites are important as information can be reached easily. At Negulici Translations the website translation and localisation are translation services we frequently do.

Localisation is adapting websites to local cultural contexts. This kind of service is set for every client. Translation prices vary depending on combination of languages, type of web-site, SEO request and delivery time. Please fill out our free quote form or contact us with any question you may have.

Please be aware that all the rates are to be understood net of VAT.

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