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Website Translations

Nowadays inter-cultural communication is a must and working globally is very simple with the help of internet.The professional translation of a WebSite is not only translating each word, but also make sense and reach the people attention. The good news is we can give you well-written content of your words and this matters- especially when it comes to WebSites.

Certified Translations

Whether it is a draft law, a court document, or a personal document, we handle each project with utmost attention to detail. Our team can assure you accuracy and timeliness. Good translations require professional translators. Our translators have perfect knowledge of the language they translate from.What kind of documents do you need ?

Translation Sectors

If you need an interpreter for small conferences we offer quality and prompt services. We have deep understanding of the language industry.We offer our services for business meetings at competitive prices. Liaison interpreting may be useful in meetings with small number of participants or one-to-one interviews. You can call us and arrange for a solution suitable for your needs.

Personal Documents

We deal with sworn translation of documents. A ``word by word`` translation would render catastrophic results, as languages are very complex.You can ask for birth or marriage certificates, divorce decrees, university diplomas, transcripts of records accompanied by certificate of translation.We have a lot of great services that can help you, give us a call!

Negulici Translations has a young and dynamic team working in the field with experience in the translation industry of over 15 years. Good translations require professional translators. It is necessary to understand that a small investment in translation may allow you to largely increase the number of people your information reach. At Negulici Tranlations, we offer a range of option for your translation. Our professional translators have the following language combinations:

  •  Italian
  •  Rumanian
  •  English
  •  Spanish
  •  French
  •  Russian
  •  Cinese

Choose the one is suitable for you! Send us an email and you get an easy and fast quote!

Our team of translation professionals will convert written material from one source language into the target language. They work with joy and devotion to the final purpose also paying attention to the cultural context. The original text will be culturally and linguistically adapted.

The need to understand each other, to exchange data has become increasingly urgent. Computers are everywhere. Our team of translation professionals can help you gain an effective use of Internet.
The most important aspect of technology is problem solving. Machine translation is still in the process of experimentation, it is not reliable. It is a challenge that only a professional translator can manage without errors.
Everyone knows machine translation is not reliable. Translation is not only intended as a research for semantic equivalences but also as an act of communicative exchange. If you have to translate documents with classified information you can rest assured that our policy on how to maintain confidentiality of documents is subscribed by all the professional translators working with us.

When it comes to translating there are many aspects to be taken into account. Translating has to do with syntactic, spelling, contextual, stylistic, cultural and linguistic aspects. This can only be done efficiently by someone with experience and with the required qualifications and skills. Not everyone who knows two languages can translate well, you need a professional translator.

Find the right translator for your next translation project!

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Over 15 Years of Experience 75%
Privacy and Confidentiality 100%
Good value for your money 100%
Deadlines oriented 90%
Young and dynamic professionals 80%
Personalised Service 85%
High technology systems 85%


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